Episode 38 - Cruising: fixing your boat in exotic places

Episode 38 - Cruising: fixing your boat in exotic places

August 09, 2018 3 Comments


We start to get ready for our crossing back to the US!

On the boat chores list:

  • adjusting the rigging with our friend Joe from Barefoot Adventures
  • replacing the incandescent masthead navigation light with an LED bulb
  • fix the wiring to the new LED bulb!

We started to plan our route back. Our first jump was from Hopetown to Green Turtle Cay. Green Turtle Cay is very quaint, with colourful houses and friendly people. We visited the main settlement, New Plymouth, and wandered into the memorial sculpture garden and the museum.

We were waiting for the perfect weather window to cross into the States, as we had limited use of our motor. Green Turtle Cay was a great place to stage.


  • "Summer" from The Four Seasons - Antonio Vivaldi
  • "Josie Has the Upper Hand" by Josh Woodward

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August 02, 2020


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