Episode 02 - Boat Shopping

Episode 02 - Boat Shopping

May 29, 2017

This is the beginning of our sailing adventure with two people & two cats. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

This episode follows our boat shopping journey as we try to find the right sailing vessel for our upcoming trip. Our parameters included:
1) Comfortable cruising
2) Under $100,000 CDN
3) Bluewater ready/almost ready (we won't have that much time to work on the boat)
4) Efficient lay out
5) BONUS: solar panels, radar, plumbed for the ocean, dinghy, close to Canada

Our plan is to sail from Lake Ontario to the Caribbean and then... beyond! We don't have a set plan so we'll be doing much of the preparation while we're underway.

Here is the crew:

Admeowral Diana - Canadian, has never sailed, but is good with logistics and handy work. Also has a much needed sense of humour.

Cat-tain Greg - Australian, sailed a lot down under but never in fresh water. Proficient in IT and kitty cuddling. Has an adventurous spirit.

Chief Petting Officer Jazz - A bulls eye tabby with a lot of spunk and fight in her. She is our hunter and keeps us in line.

SeaCat Hercules - An affectionate black kitty who loves unconditionally and is pretty chill about things - as long as his family is with him.

“Up In My Jam (All Of A Sudden)” by the talented Kubbi is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
“Waves and footprints” from opening scene is from the useful website Videezy.com

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